Witch Rooms is a proud member of the Timber Frame Builders Association which is nationally regarded as the representative organisation for the timber building industry in South Africa.

Each of its members agree to:

  1. Abide by the constitution of the Timber Frame Builders Association (available on request).
  2. Promote fair competition among members of the Timber Frame Builders Association.
  3. Ensure design and construction is within the relevant National Building Regulations (NBR), SABS Code of Practice for Timber Buildings, and approved plans and specifications.
  4. Uphold a standard acceptable to the Timber Frame Builders Association and report deviations to the Executive Committee.
  5. Accept the Executive Committee’s right to appoint a sub committee of not less than two members to investigate any deviations or complaints.
  6. Abide by the ruling of the sub committee.

The Association offers an unbiased mediation service to its members and their clients.

Financial institutions prefer their clients to contract with a TFBA member for the construction of their homes because:

  1. Their investments are not at risk.
  2. They know that the home owner will have a correctly built structure testament to “The Seal of Controlled Quality”

Local authorities need to know that the timber structure is in accordance with the SABS Code of Practice to which all TFBA members are obliged to build as a minimum standard required to meet the levels of safety, stability, durability, longevity, aesthetics and comfort.

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